Please be informed of the new policy changes:

All students will be required to wear long pants, long sleeves, boots, gloves, helmet, and eye protection as minimal protection.

Refunds may be requested within 48 hours of purchase. However, no refunds will be given after 3 weeks before the start of the class/ride. In the event that you can not make it to the booked training and you are inside the 3 week period, you can be issued a credit for a future class within 12 months.

If you are unable to complete a class or ride that you started, due to physical or mechanical reasons, you may be issued a credit to attend a future class to be completed within 1 year.

Any student who completes a 2 day class after 2017 may attend a 4-day class in the future at a 40% discount.

Any student who completes a 4-day class can apply to attend future 2 – or 4-day classes as an apprentice instructor.  As an apprentice instructor, your course fees may be waived. To apply, contact Fran – fran(at)dualsportschool.com

Dual Sport School reserves to right to kick someone out of class if they believe that person is impaired due to drugs or alcohol, or if that person’s conduct is deemed dangerous to other students or coaches.

If for any reason, you wish for Dual Sport School or one or more of our instructors/coaches to recover your motorcycle, we reserve the right to refuse or to charge a recovery fee. This is an optional service. The cost may be up to $75 per hour.