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Utah’s first off-road Adventure Riding Academy Accepting Reservations

Dual Sport School, Utah’s first adventure riding academy has opened in Salt Lake City to help riders new to “adventure riding” learn about the fastest growing segment of the motorcycle-riding industry. Dual Sport School is inviting students from all over the world to learn the basics of off road riding while experiencing Utah’s incredible off-road system. Adventure Riding allows riders to take off for adventures that never existed for them before. With over 95% of the worlds roads unpaved, these are skills that are in great demand for adventurers. Movies like “The Long Way Around” with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman have caused a never before seen spike in the popularity of large adventure bikes.

The popularity of off-road adventure riding demands that those who want to get the most out of both their investments in their bike and time need to be equipped with more than gloves and a helmet. Riders require knowledge about how to safely navigate unfamiliar terrain. Dual Sport School will teach the fundamental skills needed to traverse sand, mud, gravel, rocks, and trails through wooded areas – or even deserts – more safely. The added skills and increased confidence allow riders to have a lot more fun! Utah and the mountain west offers some of the most challenging and picturesque terrain in the world on which to train, learn and practice. Besides giving riders the tools they need to thoroughly enjoy the sport, Dual Sport School’s added value is in introducing new riders to this unique environment.

Knowledge Is Power

Proper instruction is an essential element in helping to prevent accidents and injuries. Working with knowledgeable and experienced instructors like the ones at Dual Sport School is one of the best ways that riders can prepare for their journeys. Dual Sport School offers 1- day, 2 – day, and 4 – day courses of instruction. For out of town visitors and riders who have not yet purchased their own dual sport motorcycle, Dual Sport School can arrange for rental equipment. At under $300, Dual Sport School’s 2-day course is one of the most affordable in the country. Riders with no prior off-road experience are encouraged to take the 2-day course. For those looking for even more training, the 4 – day course adds two additional days of hands on adventure riding on the back of the 2 – day course.

Features And Benefits Of Dual Sport Training

According to Dual Sport School’s founder, there are distinctive skills needed for adventure riding, even for riders with years of know-how riding on paved roads. “The dynamics of dirt riding is often completely the opposite of pavement riding, and this can get a new rider in trouble”, said Fran Tully of Dual Sport School. “Most street riders never work on balance, peg riding or how to pick up a 600-pound motorcycle by themselves, but we can teach them how,” he stated. Off-road adventure riding requires additional work on balance, shifting, braking, and slow speed driving. The most significant accessory that one new to adventure riding can get is proper training.

Big adventure bikes are some of the most flexible and capable machines available. They are powerful and comfortable enough to conquer hundreds of miles of interstate highways in a day, yet tough enough to climb over gravel mountain roads and cross streams.

About Dual Sport School

Fran Tully started Dual Sport School in Utah so that the hundreds of new riders entering the sport could learn the basic skills of adventure riding and be saved from the many painful and costly mistakes one usually makes learning off road riding by themselves. When he is not teaching he is usually off on adventure rides of his own.

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