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Review – Moto-Skeevies

I have been wearing moto-skeevies shorts for over a year, and started wearing their socks about 6 months ago.

First, I want to say that both of these products are absolutely flawless, in their manufacturing quality. They are extremely high quality, durable products.

The shorts are not only designed to give a little extra padding where needed, but also to help wick moisture and keep you as cool as possible while you ride. In fact, they were designed using thermal imaging to insure comfort, cooling, and stress relief.


I have met people all over the country who all say the same thing; these are the most comfortable riding shorts period. Once you ride with them, you will never go back. In fact, most riders buy a 2nd or 3rd pair so that they never have to risk riding without their moto-skeevies on a long trip.

Some of my trips are 3 weeks long, and I know that I could never go back to just wearing shorts. The bunched up boxers… damp shorts… and heat that one experiences without them is a thing of the past. If you are riding over 4 hours a day, these shorts are a necessity.

Socks! What can I say about these socks? They are without a doubt the best motorcycling sock available. The are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-edema, and anti-odor. I just made a video peeling off a pair in Baja, Mexico after riding for over 450 miles, and they didn’t even stink! These compression socks stay in place, come up above the calf, and prevent chafing and blistering. I love them. They wick moisture, and keep my boots from turning into a stinky swamp. I highly recommend these to anyone looking to make your rides more enjoyable.  Find them here –