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2 Two Wheel Gear – Review

Riding a big BMW or KTM adventure bike, I got used to having luggage on my bike. When riding a bicycle, I missed having a way to carry clothes without wrinkling them.  I just tested out a new product from Two Wheel Gear that makes luggage for bicycles. These aren’t typical panniers, these are more of a garment bag that quickly and securely lock to your bike’s rear rack so that you can bike to work  in your bike clothes, and then  change into work attire. The bag is very high quality and comes with it’s own hi-viz rain cover, that can also make a great cover for commuters who travel at low light times of day.

The first thing I liked was the high quality of the stitching and zippers. These are not some cheap flimsy bags – they are very durable.

I also like that the bag is designed with a slight kant – or angle, so that it doesn’t interfere with your feet when you are peddling.  The bag I used was the Executive 2.0 (AKA: Southwest Garment Pannier). This is a hybrid garment bag that has a padded laptop storage area, and pockets for all your daily gear and extra capacity for extended business trips. It mounts to any standard rear bike rack and comes with padded carrying straps so that it can double as carry-on luggage. Extremely water resistant and it comes with a  waterproof, fluorescent rain cover. It is made from premium, dry waxed canvas that is durable enough for the US military but is attractive enough for the office or the airport.

It is smaller than a typical garment bag, but it is only designed for a single day, and is more than enough room for everything you need for the office,  the gym, or a couple of days out of town.

I highly recommend it for those who bike to work and are looking for a quality bag for your daily bike commute.  I used the black bag, but it is also available in graphite.

Visit their website for more info on how to get one.

Technical Specifications

Bag hanging – H 38.5″ W 19″ D 3″
Bag folded / being carried – H 18″ W 19″ D 6″
Weight: 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kg
Volume: 55 L / 3,356 Cubic Inches
Material: Waxed Cotton/Polyester

NIGHT VISIBILITY Attachment loops for flashing lights
WATERPROOF RAIN COVER 210 HD Nylon – inverts into clip-on pouch – fluorescent green with reflective silver accents

5 internal pockets | 5 external expandable pockets | 17 inch padded laptop storage | Hangs 3-5 garments | Padded, removable shoulder strap | Top bag hanger/handle | Sides clip together for off bike carrying | 4 utility D-rings for clipping accessories | 2 loops for clipping additional lights | Padded internal garment strap | Leather logo embossed badging | Rain cover can be clipped to side or completely removed

March 2017 ADV Skills Training in Moab – Photos and Videos

Photos from the March 4, 2017 ADV Skills Training in Moab

Despite having 4 students change out of this class the week before, we still had 5 riders attend from Nevada and Colorado.

The weather was in the 50’s and 60’s  on the first, third, and forth day. On day 2, we got a little bit of snow and temps were between 34 and 38 degrees.

The pictures tell the story the best.

Thank you to Dennis, Viola, Stan, Susan, Will, and Mark for one of the best 4-day classes ever!





IMG_0034 IMG_0038













NOTE – If any of the videos fail to load, they can be viewed here –

Rob Keller MD Glutathione Rapid Boost – Review

Rob Keller MD Glutathione Rapid Boost
GRB sports drink after a trip.

I am always looking for better supplements to carry on motorcycle trips, and to use after working out. I had an opportunity to try out a new product called Glutathione Rapid Boost – GRB recently, and was very impressed. GRB is a sports drink that comes in powdered form. I tried the travel packs, which are small pouches that carry an individual serving. (Notice in my picture how it is close to the size of a pen) The benefits of GRB are something that can not only benefit someone who is doing competitive workouts, but anyone doing daily or weekly routines that stress that body. Riding a 650 lb bike off-road everyday can be very demanding. I need to be in good physical condition, alert at all times, and can often find myself picking up my bike or students’ bikes as many as 6 or 7 times a day. Doing this on a daily basis, I need something to help me recover quickly, and keep me mentally focused.

GRB offers a convenient way to consume Glutathione. Glutathione is arguably the most powerful antioxidant, and there is evidence that maintaining Glutathione levels will increase the ability of your cells to produce energy, decrease recovery time, assist cells to perform at an optimal level for a longer time. This is what I need!
GRB has also been found to be beneficial at reducing the symptoms of altitude sickness.
GRB’s effective ingredients are:
    Vitamin C –  Reduces the amount of oxidative damage caused by exercise.L-Theanine  –  An amino acid found in green tea. Supports improved concentration and attention span.Quercetin – A natural flavonoid shown to increase endurance, speed exercise recovery and fuel fat burn.N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine – Has been shown to support joint comfort, mobility and flexibility.Selenium – A mineral known for its antioxidant properties. Reduces oxidative stress during exercise.Vitamin B6, B12 & Niacin – Important to the production and repair of cells, including red blood cells.

Each dose is in a small sleeve the is easy to pack. When you are ready to use it, just tear open, dump into a bottle of water, shake it up and drink it. It actually tastes pretty good, too.

If you are looking for a convenient way to boost your Glutathione levels, try GRB. I can’t imagine a more convenient and effective product.

Follow this  link for more information on the GRB sports drink:

Dual Sport ADV Training in Moab May 2016

Click this link for Pictures from our recent 4-day class in Moab.

The weather was absoluteley perfect. We had sunny days, some wind, and finally enough rain to turn the road into camp into a fast moving river. That allowed us to do some epic water crossings and get some experience with mud.

Enjoy the pictures. I also received a fantastic testimonial from one of our students that used his new skills to go over a downed deer on the freeway – which he insists saved his life. Click Here for is his testimonial.

Dual Sport School Shirts

The Dual Sport School Shirts are ready!

These a made with Sport Tek Dry Zone Colorblock material, designed to be moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and extremely comfortable.

These are available on a first come basis, so all colors and styles may not be available. Price per shirt is $20.00

Dual Sport School LST370 IronGrey

DSS LST370 Iron Grey

Dual Sport School st361 heather purple

DSS ST361 heather purple

Dual Sport School st360 graphite

DSS ST360 graphite

Dual Sport School ST 370 Iron Grey

DSS ST 370 Iron Grey

Dual Sport School L ST351 blk lime

DSS L ST351 black/ lime

Dual Sport School st351 Grey

DSS ST351 Grey

Dual Sport School ST 350 Blk or Maroon

DSS ST 350 Black or Maroon


To order a shirt, send an email request with the style info, color, and your size. Be sure to include your phone number.



Review – Moto-Skeevies

I have been wearing moto-skeevies shorts for over a year, and started wearing their socks about 6 months ago.

First, I want to say that both of these products are absolutely flawless, in their manufacturing quality. They are extremely high quality, durable products.

The shorts are not only designed to give a little extra padding where needed, but also to help wick moisture and keep you as cool as possible while you ride. In fact, they were designed using thermal imaging to insure comfort, cooling, and stress relief.


I have met people all over the country who all say the same thing; these are the most comfortable riding shorts period. Once you ride with them, you will never go back. In fact, most riders buy a 2nd or 3rd pair so that they never have to risk riding without their moto-skeevies on a long trip.

Some of my trips are 3 weeks long, and I know that I could never go back to just wearing shorts. The bunched up boxers… damp shorts… and heat that one experiences without them is a thing of the past. If you are riding over 4 hours a day, these shorts are a necessity.

Socks! What can I say about these socks? They are without a doubt the best motorcycling sock available. The are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-edema, and anti-odor. I just made a video peeling off a pair in Baja, Mexico after riding for over 450 miles, and they didn’t even stink! These compression socks stay in place, come up above the calf, and prevent chafing and blistering. I love them. They wick moisture, and keep my boots from turning into a stinky swamp. I highly recommend these to anyone looking to make your rides more enjoyable.  Find them here –


Review – Black Dog Cycle Works Skid Plate

So a couple of weeks before I left for Baja, I was talking to Brad Barker, from The Ride of my Life. When he found out that I had not yet switched out my skid plate for the Black Dog Cycle Works skid plate, he insisted that I needed to do that BEFORE I went to Baja… not after. So I agreed and within 5 minutes, Brad had ordered me a skid plate and it was on the way.  He’s awesome!

A few days later it arrived, and James and I installed it on my ’09 BMW 1200 GS Adventure.




The directions were very straight forward, and it went on with no trouble. One interesting thing that we discovered when we took off my old plate, was that one of the bolt housings had actually been broken in half, illustrating the results of having the skid plate screw into the motor.


So with my new skid plate on, I headed to Baja. Before we even got to the dirt, we hit some Vados (which are fords… or  low spots in the road where water can occasionally pass over the road). Imagine you are 250 lbs, and you and your 600+ pound bike and all your gear are riding along at 80 MPH and hit one of these vados. The result is that your nearly 1000 lb mass becomes airborne, and then gracefully touches down a few yards down the road. This happened on more than one occasion, and believe me, the landing isn’t that graceful.  The funny thing is that I figured I would need a solid skid plate for off-road, but never imagined that it might also be useful for highway use.

The next day, we did hit some dirt, and I found out that even off road, they have vados. The difference is that off-road, you might be ripping along and suddenly you hit a dip, and as you begin going up the other side, there is a concrete pad (I guess to help with traction and prevent erosion) that is about 5″ higher than the dirt track you are riding on. First, your front wheel takes a massive hit, then as you reach the top, you become airborne. But now when you land, you might be landing on big rocks and ruts.  On days 3 and 4, I had the pleasure of riding with some of the guys from BARF. These were some of the greatest guys I have ever ridden with. All of them were on dirt bikes, and they had a good time razzing me about where I was going to find a Starbucks in Baja. But I did ride with them, and was determined not to fall too far behind. Now while the 1200 GSA is a tough bike, it is NOT meant to keep up with expert dirt bike riders in Baja. The result was a lot of bottoming out, a flat in my sidewall, and a REALLY good test of my new Black Dog skid plate. Tom even commented that he thought my skid plate was a part of my suspension, because it was absorbing so much impact when I landed. In my case, after 5 days of off-road riding, I think I hit some of everything. The new skid plate was getting a workout. On my oil cooled GS, Black Dog makes a center stand guard that lines up behind the skid plate and actually works with the skid plate.


On the second day on dirt,  I actually tore 3 of the 4 clamps holding the center stand guard in place, so I had to stop riding and take the plate off for the remainder of my trip.

When I got down to Mulege, I sent a message to Kurt and Martha of Black Dog Cycle Works and let them know I was in the area. Before I could get a reply, I took off to ride. About an hour later, Scott and I stopped for a burrito, and who walks in the restaurant but Kurt Forget of Black Dog. How bizarre is that? After eating, we found out that Kurt only lived about 100 yards from where we were eating, so we went over to take a snapshot at the International HQ and get one of the coveted Black Dog South stickers.



My trip to Baja was incredible, and I can’t thank Brad enough for urging me to get the Black Dog skid plate on before my trip, or to Kurt, for making such a remarkable product.

I have no doubt in my mind, that without this skid plate, I would likely have torn the bottom half of my motor off on some of these rides. Not only would I have been stranded 50 miles from cellular phone service, but I would have done $1600 in damage to my bike, and have been stranded in Mexico. The fact that this plate attaches to the frame, instead of screwing into the motor is all the difference in the world. Look at these “after” pictures of my new skid plate and decide for yourself. Could YOUR skid plate sustain these deep impacts?






Look at the crease INSIDE the skid plate! Can you image a stock plate standing up to that? How many bolts do you think I would have sheared on a different plate?

If you are still on the fence about whether or not Black Dog Cycle Works makes the best skid plates out there, let me assure you that you can not find a better plate. I give this the highest rating and urge you to invest in one if you plan to ride off road.



Winter Relief in Baja Mexico

Living in Utah, we adapt to the cold, but after a few months of cold, snow, and horrible air quality from the winter inversion, some of us begin to experience withdrawal symptoms from lack of riding.

I know many riders just park their bikes in the garage, hook up the battery tender, and add some Stabil to the fuel so that their bike will start up in spring.  But some of us prefer to ride all year round. This past weekend, after nearly 3 weeks of no riding, I finally had to get back on the bike. I figured the worst snow was in my own driveway, and after a few dry days, there wouldn’t be too much ice on the roadways.

Since I had my daughter on the back, I had to ride extra carefully, and decided to take back roads and service roads to avoid traffic and higher speeds. Unfortunately, these are also the roads that had gotten the least attention from the snow plows. We hit some roads that had at least a mile of snow/ice/slush, but managed to get through it without incident.

We stopped for a coffee and I realized that it is just too risky to ride in the mountains in the winter for most people. I took a few pictures, and posted them on Facebook and Instagram, and they got a lot of response. Not because they were good pictures, but because this time of year there are so few posts, that any post will get a lot of attention.



That ride was just what I needed. I felt great. But now, It’s time for a road trip! I put on a few pounds over the holiday. I need to get out and ride! Are you feeling the winder blues too? Take your vitamin D and plan a trip southbound.  Go to Vegas, Phoenix, Mexico… but GO! I have around 10,000 miles of riding planned for January – March. I will be riding to San Francisco, Las Vegas, Baja, Phoenix, and then east to TX, LA, FL, NC, TN and back.

January 22, we will be leaving Las Vegas for an 8 day Baja trip. We plan to visit Mikes’s Sky Ranch, San Filipe, Coco’s Corner, whale watch near San Ignacio, Mulege’, and La Paz, time permitting. We plan to take 8 days for the trip but the last time I rode to Mexico, it was so nice that we extended our trip.

I hope you get a chance to get on your bike this winter, but if you are concerned about riding alone, give me a call. I’m always up for an adventure.  Sign up for our 8-day trip to Baja

Fran Tully

Dual Sport School

whale mx



Dual Sport School Adds Motorcycle Maintenance Class

The most requested class this past year was a maintenance and trail repair skills class.

Click here to sign up now – November 21, 2015 9:00 AM


Part of the fun of dual sport riding is disappearing into the mountains or the desert on your own. Unfortunately, a bike that has not been properly maintained could leave you stranded miles from help or even the nearest cellular service.  Even a well maintained motorcycle could experience a flat tire, or some other problem that without proper tools and know how, could leave you in great danger.

Dual Sport School is proud to introduce Motorcycle Maintenance 101

This is a four-hour course that provides students the information and hands-on experience needed to properly maintain their motorcycles. Students bring their own motorcycles/scooters and supplies. Tools will be provided. Topics covered include:

  • The components that make up your motorcycle.
  • Basic adjustments for control, comfort, and fit.
  • Pre-Ride Inspection (T-CLOCS)
  • Basic maintenance (fluids, cable inspections, chain maintenance, free-play adjustments, replacing light bulbs, air filter, battery, levers, tires, brakes, rims, etc)
  • Cleaning the motorcycle
  • Tools needed




Current motorcycle shop rates range on average from $60.00 to $100.00 per hour. This course will enable you to identify most needed repairs and perform detailed pre-ride inspections that can help avoid a dangerous accident or costly breakdown caused by poor condition. You will learn how to do basic service and inspections using common tools and become better educated about your motorcycle. An experienced instructor will present course information and answer student questions about maintenance. Students are invited to bring their own motorcycle, perform an inspection and complete routine maintenance with advice from our instructors. Students will come away with the knowledge that may help prevent costly repairs or dangerous off-road breakdowns.

Click here to sign up now – November 21, 2015 9:00 AM

Dual Sport School makes the Front Page

Dual Sport School was featured on the front page of the Daily Herald on August 10, 2015

Utah’s first adventure motorcycle school in Utah County…

Utah’s first adventure motorcycle school in Utah County

Utah's first adventure moto class makes riders confident 01

“It’s freedom,” Fran Tully says. “The adventure begins where

the road ends.”

Tully is an adventure rider through and through. He rides a 1200 cubic centimeter BMW adventure bike 30,000 miles a year around the U.S. and beyond, but calls Utah home. He’s the founder of Utah’s first, and only, adventure riding school.

Adventure riding is similar to both long-distance motorcycle touring on road, and dirt bike riding high up in the hills. It’s both an exhilarating practice that could take you around the world or to hidden spots in your own backyard.

However, like any adventurous outdoor sport, it comes with its risks. Surprisingly, Tully was the first person to teach an adventure motorcycling course in what many consider the Mecca of outdoor activities and OHV riding.

It all started about five years ago when Tully joined a BMW off-road ride with dozens of riders. They came to a small water crossing soon after the riding began, and many laid their bikes over in the water, or just turned around before they got the chance to try it.

“These are guys who spent over $20,000 on a motorcycle, this is what it is designed to do, they are with other people, and they didn’t even want to try it,” Tully said. “That’s a shame.”

So Tully began reading about, watching and mastering adventure riding, and when he felt comfortable after 100,000 miles on the trail, he started Dual Sport School. The program caters to the riders, from beginner to expert, and is an intimate and comfortable way to learn what can be extremely intimidating.

“I tell people what to do, but I also tell them why,” Tully said. “I’m telling them those things, then they watch three other people do it and they say, well, if they can do it I can do it.”

Each edition of the course is kept to a small amount of people over a two- or four-day span, and starts with the basics. The class focuses on small, tight and slow maneuvers. The skill set learned in the basic class helps teach balance and problem solving in tough terrain, which happens at very slow speeds.

Bikes are dropped but egos aren’t hurt. Any motorcycle culture is intimidating, but the start-with-the-basics, work-your- way-up approach lets students move at their own pace.

But the special thing about getting together with Tully and his students is how he spreads the love and excitement of the sport. It’s easy to tell how excited he is about anything on dirt with two wheels.

“I call it the greatest bug-out vehicle ever,” Tully said. “Not to be a ‘doomsdayer,’ but when you just want to bug out and you want to go get out for the weekend you don’t need a camper, you don’t need a trailer, you don’t need a back pack, you put your GPS on there, you put in where you want to go, and this thing will take you wherever a mule could go practically.”

Tully knows it with his experience. He rides often by himself, and will climb hills with his 700-pound machine that looks tough for a motorcross bike. He shows the importance of problem solving in his classes. Every move counts with such a heavy piece of equipment that is your lifeline.

1 of 2 8/13/15, 4:29 PM

Utah’s first adventure motorcycle school in Utah County…

He finds the excitement in overcoming those obstacles.

“A lot of times if you take a wrong turn or get stuck in the mud, or if you have a tree down in front of you, that’s when the real adventure hits. You have to think your way out of this,” Tully said. “You might meet just someone you never would have met, or you come up with a solution you didn’t know you were capable of. That’s a high.”

It can be a terrifying prospect to put so much trust into an expensive bike, take it hundreds of miles away from anything on mountains, rocks, or sand, problem solve in potential life-or-death situations, and come out with more experience and more knowledge.

Baby steps can be taken to improve rider confidence and ability. In Utah, it can be done in your own back yard.
“This is the greatest terrain in the world for dual sports,” Tully said. “You can go in any direction and there is great riding.”

All photos – Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

Aug. 8, 2015. GRANT HINDSLEY, Daily Herald

2 of 2 8/13/15, 4:29 PM

May ADV Class Recap


The May ADV Skills class couldn’t have gone better. We had a group of students with experience ranging from 2 months all the way to 25 years.

Without exception, they all said that they had a great time and feel that they jumped up their skill level. Some were there simply as a refresher course and others were there as riders totally new to ADV riding. All of them gave 100%.

We managed to dodge the rain most of the time, finally getting caught for just a few minutes on day 4.

We covered peg riding, turning, clutch control, balance, and water crossings. The weather ranged from 74 degrees and sunny, to 44 degrees and snowing.  Here  are some videos from the class. Enjoy.


Slimfold Wallet Review

For the last 2 weeks, I have been testing out the Slimfold Wallet.  What caught my attention was that the material it is made from can withstand a simulated 70 MPH motorcycle  crash on pavement.  I immediately though it might be the ideal for motorcycling.

With ADVenture biking, I spend a lot of time in water. Either in rain, or in water crossings, so the fact that it was also waterproof intrigued me.

The company was funded by a Kick Starter project. They have multiple colors and sizes. For my test, I went with the original size, and got the RFID blocker.




  • 6x thinner than leather wallets
  • Fits in your front pocket with an iPhone
  • 5x lighter than leather wallets
  • Only as heavy as what you carry
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Ultra rip-resistant
  • Stronger than leather

Here’s a little video with some of my testing.