About Dual Sport School

Dual sport riding is one of the most exciting sports available. Many enter the sport from dirt riding, other enter from street riding, but both types of riders find out quickly that it is very different from both. Many riders start riding dual sport machines with no training. After falling, crashing, getting stuck, falling in creeks, breaking mirrors, or several  injuries, they decide it’s time to seek help. If you go that route, you will  wish you had saved yourself all the pain, frustration, and expense by getting the proper training BEFORE taking a big adventure bike off road.

After I observed several happy owners of gorgeous new adventure bikes fall on rocks, sand, and in water with their new machines, only to  become discouraged and leave the ride, I knew that most of them would park the bike in their garage and never go off road again. That’s when  I realized that we desperately needed a good dual sport riding school in Utah.

Utah offers some of the greatest adventure riding in the world, and we were the first to offer dual sport instruction for those wanting to enter the sport. After two years of training, practice, and planning, we put together a training program based on the curriculum developed by the BMW school in Hechlingen, Germany. While courses are geared towards riders of large dual-sport and adventure bikes, they can benefit anyone on a dual sport bike from 250 cc upto 1290 cc. We offer one, two, and four day classes. Class groups and student to instructor ratios are kept small to maximize the learning environment. Our classes can help anyone new to dual sport riding become a much better rider in just two days.

All of our expert coaches are avid adventure riders, and experienced instructors.  We are dedicated to bringing new people into the sport and offering the highest level of training and value available.

In addition to group dual sport training, we also offer private lessons, group rides, and guided rides of Utah, the mountain west, and Baja, Mexico.

Join us, for the adventure of your life.