About Dual Sport School

I started riding dual sport machines with no training. After falling, crashing, getting stuck, falling in creeks, breaking mirrors, and  injuring myself numerous times, I was hooked! I also figured out that I didn’t have time to make all the mistakes someone else had already made. I needed help. I learned from others with tens of thousands of miles of off road experience what I was doing wrong. Then, I put that training to practice. After 45,000 miles on a big adventure bike, and nearly half of that off road, I wished I had saved myself all the pain, frustration, and expense by getting the proper training BEFORE I went off road.

I attended several BMW outings in southern Utah and observed the happy owners of gorgeous new adventure bikes fall on rocks, sand, and in water with their new machines  become discouraged and leave the ride. They were so upset that I wondered if they would ever ride off road again.  I realized that we desperately needed a good dual sport riding school in Utah.

Even though Utah offers some of the greatest adventure riding in the world, there was no dual sport instruction available for those wanting to enter the sport. After mulling this over for almost two years, I put together a plan, found some other riders with decades of skill and experience, and put together a curriculum that can help anyone new to dual sport riding become a much better rider in just two days.

I decided to keep the cost as low as possible, because I don’t want money to be a barrier to getting the proper training. My instructors and I are more interested in riding and bringing new people into the sport than we are in money. In fact, when we are not teaching, we are usually off on an adventure of our own. We all ride year round and cover as much of western US as time and money permits.

Join us, for the adventure of your life.