Rob Keller MD Glutathione Rapid Boost – Review

Rob Keller MD Glutathione Rapid Boost
GRB sports drink after a trip.

I am always looking for better supplements to carry on motorcycle trips, and to use after working out. I had an opportunity to try out a new product called Glutathione Rapid Boost – GRB recently, and was very impressed. GRB is a sports drink that comes in powdered form. I tried the travel packs, which are small pouches that carry an individual serving. (Notice in my picture how it is close to the size of a pen) The benefits of GRB are something that can not only benefit someone who is doing competitive workouts, but anyone doing daily or weekly routines that stress that body. Riding a 650 lb bike off-road everyday can be very demanding. I need to be in good physical condition, alert at all times, and can often find myself picking up my bike or students’ bikes as many as 6 or 7 times a day. Doing this on a daily basis, I need something to help me recover quickly, and keep me mentally focused.

GRB offers a convenient way to consume Glutathione. Glutathione is arguably the most powerful antioxidant, and there is evidence that maintaining Glutathione levels will increase the ability of your cells to produce energy, decrease recovery time, assist cells to perform at an optimal level for a longer time. This is what I need!
GRB has also been found to be beneficial at reducing the symptoms of altitude sickness.
GRB’s effective ingredients are:
    Vitamin C –  Reduces the amount of oxidative damage caused by exercise.L-Theanine  –  An amino acid found in green tea. Supports improved concentration and attention span.Quercetin – A natural flavonoid shown to increase endurance, speed exercise recovery and fuel fat burn.N-Acetyl D-Glucosamine – Has been shown to support joint comfort, mobility and flexibility.Selenium – A mineral known for its antioxidant properties. Reduces oxidative stress during exercise.Vitamin B6, B12 & Niacin – Important to the production and repair of cells, including red blood cells.

Each dose is in a small sleeve the is easy to pack. When you are ready to use it, just tear open, dump into a bottle of water, shake it up and drink it. It actually tastes pretty good, too.

If you are looking for a convenient way to boost your Glutathione levels, try GRB. I can’t imagine a more convenient and effective product.

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