Dual Sport School Adds Motorcycle Maintenance Class

The most requested class this past year was a maintenance and trail repair skills class.

Click here to sign up now – November 21, 2015 9:00 AM


Part of the fun of dual sport riding is disappearing into the mountains or the desert on your own. Unfortunately, a bike that has not been properly maintained could leave you stranded miles from help or even the nearest cellular service.  Even a well maintained motorcycle could experience a flat tire, or some other problem that without proper tools and know how, could leave you in great danger.

Dual Sport School is proud to introduce Motorcycle Maintenance 101

This is a four-hour course that provides students the information and hands-on experience needed to properly maintain their motorcycles. Students bring their own motorcycles/scooters and supplies. Tools will be provided. Topics covered include:

  • The components that make up your motorcycle.
  • Basic adjustments for control, comfort, and fit.
  • Pre-Ride Inspection (T-CLOCS)
  • Basic maintenance (fluids, cable inspections, chain maintenance, free-play adjustments, replacing light bulbs, air filter, battery, levers, tires, brakes, rims, etc)
  • Cleaning the motorcycle
  • Tools needed




Current motorcycle shop rates range on average from $60.00 to $100.00 per hour. This course will enable you to identify most needed repairs and perform detailed pre-ride inspections that can help avoid a dangerous accident or costly breakdown caused by poor condition. You will learn how to do basic service and inspections using common tools and become better educated about your motorcycle. An experienced instructor will present course information and answer student questions about maintenance. Students are invited to bring their own motorcycle, perform an inspection and complete routine maintenance with advice from our instructors. Students will come away with the knowledge that may help prevent costly repairs or dangerous off-road breakdowns.

Click here to sign up now – November 21, 2015 9:00 AM